You Can Now Send Crypto Over Whatsapp

A new WhatsApp bot, called Lite.Im, developed by Zulu Republic now allows the popular messaging platform’s users to send and receive both Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), (LTC), and Zulu’s own token, ZTX.

After adding the bot, users simply have to follow the on-screen instructions to send crypto. Zulu is also promoting the tool through a referral program where users can earn crypto for getting their friends to use Lite.Im.

The team also mentioned that it will soon make use of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, a still-under-development scaling solution that is being integrated with growing pace.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies onto social platforms is considered a pivotal move in the for mass adoption. Facebook, which is expected to release its much anticipated cryptocurrency later this year, is drawing a lot of attention with regards to this. The social media giant has over a billion users across Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The capability for transfer of crypto between friends could really push the market further upward, far past the bullish run it is currently enjoying.


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