Why Bitcoin Is The Answer To Central Bank Monetary Madness

Bitcoin is many things to many people, for some it is a way to make a quick buck day trading, for others a hedge against political and economic adversity and a failing banking system. Regardless of its price fluctuations, BTC does something banks never can, it empowers the people that hold it.

Bitcoin Beats Banks

Another week goes by and billions more get injected back into the US financial system by its central bank. According to the WSJ the FED added another $57.5 billion in temporary liquidity to financial markets Thursday.

The central bank has been meddling in markets since September and plans to increase repurchase operations over the holiday period. More than triple the current Bitcoin market capitalization will be pumped back into the economy by the FED.

The extra $425 billion is part of ongoing quantitative easing programs that the bank claims is ‘perfectly normal’. Printing billions of dollars to prop up lending markets is not normal by any standards and exemplifies how flawed the current financial system is.

The banks are actively encouraging more credit in an economy that already has a galloping national debt of over $23 trillion according to usdebtclock.org. It has been estimated that this debt will hit $30 trillion in the next four years.

Crypto industry analyst ‘PlanB’ compared this to Bitcoin stock to flow model which is modest when likened to the trillions of dollars that have been printed over the past decade.

“You think bitcoin stock-to-flow model predictions are unrealistic, flawed, absurd? I think negative interest rates & quantitative easing are absurd, printing $21 trillion out of thin air since 2008,”

The photo says it all.

It was also recently reported by RT that the US government may have misspent a similar amount as the ineptitude escalates. Two departments may have spent as much as $21 trillion on things they can’t account for between 1998 and 2015 it added.

BTC Fixes This

Bitcoin, with its fixed supply and inflationary rates is a mathematically sound solution to the monetary madness that is currently being orchestrated by banks.

Those banks caused the 2008 financial crisis and they will cause the next one which could be imminent if current trends continue.

‘PlanB’ continued to elaborate that global banks create money out of thin air in order to buy bonds, adding

“Companies are buying back their own shares with that money. CEO’s of those companies are getting richer and richer and have few other options than to put their money in real estate.”

The bottom line is that you can’t print Bitcoin and more and more people are coming to realize this. BTC is the ultimate hedge for those wanting a parachute when the financial walls come crumbling down again.


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