Romanian Authorities Holding First Auction Involving Seized Bitcoin and Ether

Romanian authorities are hosting the country’s first-ever auction for cryptocurrency seized from a criminal case involving fraud.

According to an announcement, the Agency for the Management of Seized Assets (ANABI) will be holding an auction for confiscated and ethereum. The decision is the result of a required ruling from the Prosecutor’s Office in Ploiesti Court to offload the previously seized crypto-assets.

While the exact amount of and ether has yet to be released, the announcement claims “anyone” will be able to participate in the auction via ANABI’s online platform.

The report reads, 

Taking into the nature of the moveable property put up for auction, the successful tenderer will have to inform the Agency, to proceed with the transfer, about the BTC and ETH public addresses associated to a virtual currency trading platform.

ANABI says prospective buyers will have to adhere to platforms belonging to a “legal entity” and must comply with legislative norms for operating state financial instruments. The report says potential auction clients will be required to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in order to register.

Earlier in the year Romania, alongside Ireland, was fined by the European Court of Justice for the country’s delay in incorporating the EU’s new anti-money laundering and terrorism finance directives, which included provisions on the trading of crypto-assets on exchanges.

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