Ripple expanded their team in Southeast Asia by setting up camp in Singapore

The most exciting day of the year for XRP investors is tomorrow and Ripple just gave us an announcement a day early! Notice how they talk about bringing in ‘good fortune’.

So Ripple just expanded their team in Southeast Asia by setting up camp in Singapore, which is an incredibly smart move considering that 50% of Ripple’s customers are in Southeast Asia. This region is developing rapidly in blockchain adoption compared to the United States. The largest in Singapore, DBS bank, will be a keynote speaker at SWELL.

SWELL is kicking off on November 6th at 3:00 PM PST and will be the start time of my SWELL coverage marathon live-stream on my YouTube channel. Also I would like to add that I have a source who is attending the SWELL event and will be feeding us information during the stream.

Now what you need to know is that there will be no SWELL live stream, because essentially it is a private invite-only customer event. However, Ripple’s twitter account will be active with posts of videos, photos, quotes, and potentially announcements.

A lot of XRP community members are attending SWELL this year such as Digital Asset Investor, Crypto Eri, Brad Kimes, Mr.b and their twitter feeds will be filled with everything going on at the SWELL event as well. Although we don’t have a livestream we will get full coverage on all the information released at SWELL.

The price of XRP? who knows lets just see what we hear from SWELL and see what the XRP Price is during the event. We are having quite a major battle at 30 cents that has been about 2 weeks long so if it breaks to the upside we may go flying.

If Ripple decides to make an announcement that is XRP-utility related it will be interesting to see what happens with ODL volume. The MoneyGram CEO during the Q3 earnings call said they had something to announce 2 weeks out but they weren’t allowed to say anything about it, and the MoneyGram CEO is a keynote speaker at the event. I am seriously betting on a really good ODL announcement in my personal speculation.

I have a 24/7 livestream on my channel of the latest ODL transfers, and this stream specifically tracks the corridors that MoneyGram is active in and you can talk to XRP community members and see XRP price at any time of the day.

Here is the Full SWELL agenda with the most anticipated panels highlighted.

See you guys in the SWELL stream!


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