Major Ethereum Project Launch from Deloitte Teased at Consensus 2019

After the panel, we were able to sit down with Antonio Senatore, global CTO of Deloitte’s blockchain project, and discuss the ’s involvement in blockchain development.

Deloitte Commits to Ethereum Despite VeChain Rumors

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There were recent announcements that Deloitte was moving its clients to VeChain. As it turns out, the firm will remain committed to working with Ethereum:

“Deloitte believes strongly in multi-platform development, and 50% of our projects are built on Ethereum,” said Antonio Senatore, Global CTO for Deloitte’s Blockchain.

A member of Deloitte’s team affirmed the positive opinion of Ethereum, stating that Ethereum is a robust network that has been tested, is open source, and transparent. According to Antonio Salvatore, a multichain system is most likely to be used with interactions between platforms. In fact:

“We will launch a very large project by the end of the year on the Ethereum platform”

Multi-Blockchain Development: One Crypto Network Will Not Rule Them All

VeChain will be used for certain clients who have different needs and specific use cases. The main why VeChain was chosen for those projects are the clients’ individual preferences and the costs of transactions in the Ethereum network that were at times very high – especially with the price volatility. Senatore also said that Vechain was a good choice for that specific use case, as they have a strong community and ecosystem.

It feels that this is the start of an era of multi-platform development, where blockchains are used for specific purposes rather than having a one-size-fits-all blockchain . And yet these blockchains will be interconnected somehow, though we are not there yet in terms of interconnectivity. Nevertheless, the growth in blockchain projects at Consensus 2019 can be observed across difference industries compared to previous years.


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