IBM said Ripple is unique and valuable and 2015/16 Pilot on Bluemix

A senior cloud advisor that worked for between February 2015 and June 2016, shows on his linkedin profile that he was responsible for a major banks blockchain business pilots using . This was on Bluemix, which was rebranded Cloud in 2017 and still used today.

XRP community member @LeoHadjiloizou has also recently found a Solutions Architect at IBM that mentioned Ripple in his linkedin profile.

“Performing POC on RippleNet Blockchain implementation for Bank”

In 2019 Jesse Lund, Head of Blockchain & Digital Currencies at IBM had a interview Crypto Finder. One of the statements he said the following about Ripple

“Credit ripple for the vision of using a digital asset. In order to enact immediate settlement with finality. We believe there should be a ecosystem a variety of digital assets to provide the settlement instrument. That enable these cross border payments. And the participants on the network should be able to choose. And negotiate there choices in real time. The pricing might be different on the settlement option you choose. So I think with ripple there looking at XRP as their primary digital asset for settlement. For us it could be lumens, it could be Ripple. XRP even. Could be Bitcoin. But would also include other instruments like stable coins and eventually soon even central bank issued digital currency”

It looks like IBM are building their own level playing field and the most efficient digital asset will win. XRP is the a digital asset built for global payments. “Faster, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset, XRP and the XRP Ledger are used to power innovative technology across the payments space”

XRP community member @WKahneman found the below document “Everest Group PEAK MatrixTM for Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020” showing Ripple Leading business use cases around integrating to IBM payments hub.

The latest document from IBM discussing Ripple is written by Eric Jeffery december 9, 2019. He currently works as a senior managing consultant and solutions architect for IBM.

“Others with unique and valuable properties include Ripple and Ethereum. Ripple has a nice foothold in global finance markets and Ethereum uses smart contracts to replace escrow”

Eric Jeffer finishes his article mentioning

“While Bitcoin launched eight years ago, and in the technology world this equals light years, blockchain still has a ways to go. There are extensive ideas in large numbers of industries for blockchain use; however, we are still a few years away from mass deployment.”

“Blockchain will change many industries, increase quality of life and reduce fraud, it’s simply a matter of time.”


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