Easily Earn Passive Income With Idle GPU Mining

Better late than never. For the PC gamers who never quite got into mining, the Taiwanese-based tech behemoth Asus has teamed up with mining app provider Quantumcloud to create an app which brings gamers a straightforward way to monetize their GPU (graphics card) horsepower while being paid via PayPal or WeChat.

Cryptocurrency mining has been going through something of a rough patch recently, including a mini-exodus of miners who were no longer seeing justifiable returns on their investments. in itself has felt some bruising losses in recent months.

At press time, a single GTX 1080ti was capable of earning a revenue of $0.41/day.

mining profitability 1080ti

asus 1080ti

The interplay between the value of cryptocurrency, the number of miners on the network, and the attractiveness of investing in digital assets are complicated. Many factors are involved, one of the most significant of these is the cost, in electricity, of mining a single Bitcoin.

The largest mining operations utilize ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which are powerful, and power hungry. For the hobbyist miner, an ASIC setup requires too much power and generates too much heat to be of much use. ASICs are usually daisy-chained to work together.


Therefore, depending on the token in question, miners will utilize the power of their graphics cards (GPU) instead. A GPU, the piece of hardware whose primary function is to render graphics. It is vastly different from the central processing unit (CPU), which is much better suited to different types of calculations than those used in graphics rendering.

The Takeaway

GPU mining is much more accessible for most people, so it’s exciting to hear that Asus will be pairing with Quanatumcloud, a mining app that allows gamers to earn a passive income from the unused computing power in their hardware.

There is one major catch to take note of. There’s no guarantee that this will earn a profit. However, with more high-power tech making its way into the hands of consumers, this would be the perfect time for such an innovation to take off. Asus has built a solid reputation in the hardware market. But will this gamble pay off? It could ultimately pave the way for something bigger, whether led by Asus or not.


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