Easiest Way Not to Get Burned When Dipping Your Toes into Cryptocurrency Trading

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, but it attracts a lot of risk-taking traders who are willing to go all-in. Every single time you see these insane BitMEX liquidation numbers, there is a good that somebody lost his fortune due to one unpredictable market move.

Sure, the volatility of cryptocurrencies is something that you cannot control, but what stops you from dipping your toes into the water before diving head-first? That’s where trading simulators in the likes of Altcoin Fantasy come to the rescue.

Making trading more approachable

It’s obviously advisable to get a taste of the market before shelling out your hard-earned money on high-leverage trades. Altcoin Fantasy, which is available for both Android and iOS, gives you an opportunity to do exactly that in a fun way.

Altcoin Fantasy features ten different games that allow traders to test out their strategies before applying them on real exchanges.

This is a completely risk-free experience given that you will only buy coins with virtual cash in USD (each user is given $10,000). However, everything else is absolutely real, and that’s how you get into the game.

Newbie users can also get valuable educational information. The app shows the description of every cryptocurrency, price charts and relevant market data across different exchanges.

Real competition, real prizes

There is no shortage of trading simulators that are able to hone your trading skills, but Altcoin Fantasy definitely stands out from the crowd because there are real players who compete for real prizes.

The app’s users are able to earn ACF loyalty points in the following ways:

  • taking part in contests;
  • actively trading while playing games;
  • participating in different lotteries.

The best traders can get rewarded in different cryptocurrency, Coinbase credits, annual TradingView premium membership or even CryptoKitties subscription.

As Milton Friedman once said, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and many might wonder what’s the catch. The company claims that its contests are supported by their sponsors, and their users are not supposed to pay a dime of their own money for participating.

The bottom line

If you are not ready to fully delve into the world of cryptocurrency trading, Altcoin Fantasy appears to be a perfect way to get the much-needed experience.

Altcoin Fantasy has more than 100,000 users all over the world, which means that this is one of the leading simulators within the crypto industry.


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