Did Ripple Just Reach 400 Customers? Leaked Breadcrumb From Brad Garlinghouse Keynote

Today at 11:00 AM PST had a 45 minute keynote at DC Fintech week, and this keynote was filled with great information and discussions from Garlinghouse. Valued XRP community member @stuart_xrp has provided a good thread of clips of this forum.

But the real one that had the XRP community intrigued was when a former Federal Reserve Commissioner congratulated Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple getting 400 new .

Brad Garlinghouse never corrected that statement or acknowledged it, however he did say that Ripple had reached a total of 400 employees so maybe there could have been a mix up of communication between Brad and the former Federal Reserve Commissioner.

However its kind of fun to think that they may have actually hit 400 customers and Brad just wants to keep it on the down low until SWELL. Just fun speculation, you never really know but this could be a legitimate breadcrumb.

Cool Side Note: 7,066,601 million XRP used for On Demand Liquidity in the last 24 hours.


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