Canaan AvalonMiner 1066 and AvalonMiner 1047 Available for Order

Bitmain may have just announced its new S17+ and T17+ ASIC miners, but they are going to start shipping in December and Canaan is apparently not sleeping either. They have started taking orders for their latest AvalonMiner 1066 and AvalonMiner 1047 with the first batch shipping in November and the second batch for December at a slghtly lower price. Canaan’s AvalonMiner 1066 and AvalonMiner 1047 may not be as powerful and energy efficient as what Bitmain is offering, but they are also shipping earlier and at a lower price or so it seems.

The top model AvalonMiner 1066 is offering 50 TH/s hashrate with 63 J/TH power efficiency or 3250W of power usage (compared to 73 TH/s with 40 J/TH and 2920W of power usage for S17+), however Canaan’s Bitcoin ASIC miner A1066 priced at $1390 USD should be at least half the price of Bitmains new top device. The slower Canaan AvalonMiner 1047 is rated at 37 TH/s with 62.5 J/TH and 2380W of power usage, compared to the 64 TH/s promised for the T17+ with 50 J/TH and 3200W of power usage.

The A1047 ASIC is available for $1030 USD with November shipping while we expect to see something like double the price for Bitmain’s faster T17+. In fact Canaan’s Latest A1066 and A1047 ASIC BTC miners are closer in terms of hashrate to the current Bitmain S17 and T17, but again Bitmain is better in terms of power efficiency even for them. Nevertheless, even if not the fastest on the market, Canaan’s AvalonMiner ASICs still seem like a good alternative price/performance and availability wise…


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