Bitcoin Sees Its Fifth Largest Hourly Price Crash Ever

Crypto-asset analyst at ARKInvest, Yassine Elmandjra, highlighted the Coin Metrics data on Twitter. With a sudden drop of $1,000, the flash crash was like a scene from Gone in 60 Seconds (or minutes, to be more precise).

In fact, the only time that the number-one cryptocurrency has seen such a dramatic decline in value was in 2017 when it hit its all-time high of nearly $20,000. So, what does this mean? Is another bear market around the corner?

Not necessarily. In fact, Elmandjra followed up with a second chart in his thread painting an entirely different picture.

If you look at the price drop in percentage terms, a 9.1% plummet in under an hour is only Bitcoin’s 122nd largest crash. This highlights that such swift in the asset’s movement is fairly normal where Bitcoin is concerned.

In 2013, the month of April alone so BTC drop by more than 9%  more than 20 times. Although, that same month, bitcoin also suffered a gut-wrenching loss of 83% in value.

Long-Term Bullish, Short-Term Derivatives Dominated

Bitcoinist reported earlier that more than $150 million in longs were liquidated on BitMEX causing an avalanche of sell orders.

TradingView analyst, Jacob Canfield, warned traders to proceed with caution yesterday after Binance was out of action. However, looking at the speed and brutality of this latest crash, he concluded that, while bitcoin is “designed to go up over the ‘long’ term,” these sudden movements are led by the derivatives markets:

Short term and mid term price caused by overleveraged traders can go any direction they want.

If BTC fails to hold the $9,300 zone, it could pull back all the way to the $8K area, which could result in a 20% correction.

Most analysts are not too concerned over short-term price corrections or Bitcoin’s fifth largest hourly price drop in history, simply pointing to another shakeout before a breakout.

Bitcoin is a long-game with strong network fundamentals and the next halving on the near horizon. These sudden fluctuations don’t detract from the “decade long bullish trend.”

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