Bitcoin Scam Orchestrator, Who Stole Nearly $68 Mln

As per the Washington Post article, on Friday, August 30, the Twitter page of Jack Dorsey, the founder of the social network, was highjacked. The hacker posted curse words on this Twitter page but then the tweets were removed and the page suspended.

The hacker got access to Dorsey’s account through a SIM card swap and used SMS messages from it to gain control of the account.

Now, Tron’s founder Justin Sun is urging his followers to change their 2FA from SMS to an app such as Google Authenticator to prevent crypto wallets and accounts on Twitter from being highjacked.

‘Security oversight by mobile provider’

After gaining control of Jack Dorsey’s page, the culprit posting texts made up of curse words, thus that even accounts of high-profile users are not entirely safe.

Twitter commented on the situation, saying that the trouble was caused by a ‘security oversight by mobile provider’, which allowed the guilty parties to make a SIM card swap.

Image by Twitter

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account has more than 4 million followers who read the messages made up of offensive language. However, those were removed within an hour.

Justin Sun trying to save his followers their crypto

Last year, the crypto baron John McAfee also lost control of his Twitter account for a short while.

The was spread on Twitter with Justin Sun being just one of many who spoke about it.

In the comment thread, one Twitter user explained that a SIM-card swap is very easy to make and reminded that the safest option is to store crypto on cold wallets which have no constant Internet connection.


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