2nd Largest Bank In Korea Now A Confirmed Ripple Client

Today we have some really good news surrounding one of the largest banks in and their relationship with . First off I would like to give credit to valued xrp Community member & researcher @XrpCenter for finding this information and sharing it with us today.

This information actually comes from a recent presentation from Sagar Sarbhai at Ripple which shows Korea’s second-largest , Shinhan, as a confirmed Ripple customer. So this means that Ripple now has the second largest in Korea on their List as well as the 5th largest bank in Korea. (source)

Shinhan bank is shown at the left in the middle. We did previously know that Shinhan bank ran a trial with Ripple back in 2017, but we did not know until now that they are actually a confirmed Ripple customer., because just because an institution trials Ripple’s technology does not mean they are a confirmed Ripple client. But now we know Ripple has the largest bank in Korea on their side due to one of the latest Ripple presentations.

Lots of major banks are working with Ripple, and for a good reason, they see massive opportunity in Ripple’s technology as well as the digital asset XRP.


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