20 Crypto Jokes on the Way Back to USD 20K per Bitcoin

This week in news: BTC dropped to 10.5K, while Ether and XRP remained steady and BCH rallied, then it dropped below USD 10K, then it went above USD 10K…This happened a few more times. Your first visit to the Cryptoworld? No need for a heart attack, this is normal around here. Meanwhile, BTC may not be the safe haven enthusiasts thought it was.

In the exchanges/networks/tokens news: Binance removed the ban for U.S. residents on its main platform; Charlie Lee proclaimed Litecoin alive and well; Coinbase UK delists Zcash and we might know the reason for it; Colu DLT said they want to buy back all circulating tokens and end their blockchain project; Ethfinex will close as it focuses on decentralization; Poloniex will issue BTC refunds to the investors impacted by CLAM crash, and Ripple gave away USD 263 million in XRP.

In the regulations news: final decisions on two BTC ETFs in October may not actually be final; UK ad watchdog warns companies not to mislead the public; China might be on the verge of releasing digital fiat; the progress of crypto and blockchains continues in Latin America, among other crypto advancements; there might be a tax on cryptocurrencies in Brazil, and we shared some tips on what to do if IRS sends you a crypto tax letter.

In phones & planes news: Samsung added BTC support to its crypto wallet and will also be supported on Galaxy Note 10, while Norwegian pushes crypto adoption beyond its company.

And now, the specialty of the week: the assorted jokes!


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