20 Crypto Jokes on the Way Back to USD 20K per Bitcoin

This week in Bitcoin news: BTC dropped to USD 10.5K, while Ether and XRP remained steady and BCH , then it dropped below USD 10K, then it went above USD 10K…This happened a few more times. Your first visit to the Cryptoworld? No need for a heart attack, this is normal around here. Meanwhile, BTC may not be the safe haven enthusiasts thought it was.

In the exchanges/networks/tokens news: Binance removed the ban for U.S. residents on its main platform; Charlie Lee proclaimed Litecoin alive and well; Coinbase UK delists Zcash and we might know the reason for it; Colu DLT said they want to buy back all circulating tokens and end their blockchain project; Ethfinex will close as it focuses on decentralization; Poloniex will issue BTC refunds to the investors impacted by CLAM crash, and Ripple gave away USD 263 million in XRP.

In the regulations news: final decisions on two BTC ETFs in October may not actually be final; UK ad watchdog warns crypto not to mislead the public; China might be on the verge of releasing digital fiat; the progress of crypto and blockchains continues in Latin America, among other crypto advancements; there might be a tax on cryptocurrencies in Brazil, and we shared some tips on what to do if IRS sends you a crypto tax letter.

In phones & planes news: Samsung added BTC support to its crypto wallet and will also be supported on Galaxy Note 10, while Norwegian pushes crypto adoption beyond its .

And now, the specialty of the week: the assorted jokes!


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